KU-EHS Online Course Curriculum


Our complete online course curriculum is available to all eligible KU students, instructor/PI sponsored visiting students, faculty and staff. Please feel free to review our curriculum below.

If you are interested in integrating our courses into your classes or departmental safety policies, please feel free to contact our Online Safety Education Administrator for a consultation.

How Do I Take A Course?

Students and visitors can access our courses on Canvas. Self-enrollment instructions are available here.

Faculty and Staff online safety training is available on MyTalent. Click here for more information. 


ABSA Animal Care Biosafety Videos
Aerial Lift Safety
Angle Grinder Safety
Art Safety 101
Articulated Ladder Safety
Back Safety 101
Back Safety 102: Back Safety for Custodians, Landscapers and Maintenance Workers
Biological Safety Cabinets
Biosafety 101
Bloodborne Pathogens
Building Rooftop Safety
Centrifugation Hazards
Chemical Fume Hoods
Chemical Segregation and Storage
Circular Saw Safety
Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
Computer Workstation Safety
Confined Spaces
Crane Rigging Safety
Cryogenics Safety
Custodian Safety
Disposable Filtering Respirators
DOT HAZMAT General Awareness
DOT Safety Training for Handling and Transporting Hazardous Materials
DOT Transporting Security Awareness
Driving Safety (Non-Commercial)
EHS Hazard Awareness
Electrical Safety in the Laboratory
Electrical Safety 101
Electrical Safety 201
Fall Protection
Fire Safety and Extinguishers
Fire Safety and Extinguisher Refresher
Flammables and Explosives Safety
Forklift Operator Safety
General Autoclave Safety
General Orbital Shaker Safety
Hand Tool Safety
Hazard Communication and Chemical Safety (non-lab environment)
Hydrofluoric Acid Safety
Industrial Bloodborne Pathogens
Lab Safety 101
Lab Personal Protective Equipment 101
Laboratory Ergonomics
Ladder Safety 101
Landscaping Safety
Large Equipment Safety
Lockout Tagout
Machine Guards
Maintenance Worker Safety
Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards
Metal Shop Safety
Miter Saw Safety
Mobile Ladder Safety
Mold Hazards and Prevention
New Employee Safety Awareness
Noise and Hearing Conservation
Office Safety
Personal Protective Equipment 101
Personal Protective Equipment 201: PPE Selection and Hazard Assessments
Planning for Laboratory Emergencies 101
Power Tool Safety
Preventing Contamination
Protective Barriers
PRIMUS PSS500 Steam Sterilizer
Respiratory Protection
Safe Handling of Laboratory Glassware
Safety Showers and Eyewash Stations
Shop Safety
Single and Extension Ladder Safety
Stepladder Safety
Table Saw Safety
Tuttnauer Autoclave Safe Use and Operations
Understanding Ergonomics
Understanding Safety Data Sheets and GHS
Universal Waste
Utility Cart Safety
Walking and Working Surfaces
Waste Management 101
Welding Safety
Working Safely with Pesticides
Working Safely with Scissor Lifts