Laboratory Entrance Postings

Door Postings communicate chemical hazards present in a given space, as well as provide contact information for emergency responders.

Request new or Update existing (options):

  1. Submit a lab entrance posting request.
  2. Send an email message to a known EHS contact with the required information.
  3. Telephone a request to Lab Safety staff at 785-864-4089.

Please provide EHS with:

* Notes:

-  Initiating a web request will result in a follow-up email or phone call indicating how to submit attachments, as well as guidance regarding special circumstances.

-  If PI/Supervisor is the only emergency contact please leave Primary / Secondary fields blank.

-  When multiple PIs share a space you must choose who will appear in the PI field.  There can be only one PI listed per lab in the database used to create and record these postings.

-  For special circumstances, multi-use labs, and alternatives please contact the KU-EHS Lab Safety Program Manager.

EHS reviews chemical inventories and hazard assessments from your space, selects proper NFPA classifications and GHS pictograms, and creates a color printout or PDF for your use.

Some laboratory configurations require multiple postings depending on number of entrances, how chemicals are used, and where chemicals are stored.

Please contact EHS Lab Safety staff with questions regarding this process.