Fire Safety and Extinguisher Lab


Fire and life safety are a crucial aspect of safety in your lab, classroom, shop or workplace.

As a supervisor or PI, you are responsible for keeping your staff and students trained on what to do in case an emergency occurs.
Two students putting out fire with an extinguisher

This lab is a hands-on component to our online Fire Safety and Extinguishers course.

Students who attend this course will learn:

•    What to do in case of a fire or other emergency
•    Types of fires that are common on campus and  
•    Extinguisher types and locations
•    How and when to fight fires as a team using the Buddy System


Need to organize a Fire Safety and Extinguisher Lab for your department or lab? Contact KU-EHS at 785-864-2850 or Labs are held at Kurata on a first come, first served basis. Recommended class size is 6-24 students.

Buddy System (Team Firefighting) Demonstration